Contoh Kalimat Verb-ing yang Mudah dipahami

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Active/Present participle, atau dikenal pula dengan sebutan verb-ing digunakan sebagai modifier (keterangan) pada semua tense yang berbentuk continuous atau progressive. Modifier ini dibentuk dengan cara menambahkan akhiran -ing pada kata kerja utama pada suatu kalimat present continuous tense. Berikut ini contoh penggunaan verb ing.

Someday in the class
An : “Morning everyone”
Lu : “Morning An, what are you doing?” 
Ar : “Morning An, do you getting up early this morning?
Your face look shinning”
An : “I’m looking for my book. Oh, thank you Ar,
I whasing my face carefully everynight since saturday”
Lu : “Waw, its third day. And you putting on make up right?
Look nice on you”
An : “Come on guys, I’m working for myself now.
Can you help me for my book?
Ar : “Sure An, I’m writing a task for next class, but, its okey.
Let’s we talking about your book”
An : “Thank’s Ar, I always drawing anything in my book.
Its more than gold”
Lu : “Are you dreaming for painters?”
An : “No, i want to be a writer. I putting my book on my pocket,
but nothing this morning”
Lu : “An, let’s we going to library. Maybe we found it there”
Ar : “Yes, that’s good idea. You going there before go home, right?”
An : “Oh, sure. Oh God. I think so. I’m getting afraid this time.
I don’t thinking about it”
Lu : “You’re so broke for lost it”
Ar : “It’s okey, we going to library, all is well”

Other situation…..

W : “What are you doing?”
M : “I’m looking for my handphone, i can hear its ringing from here”
W : “Oh, yes. I hearing it too”
M : “How about you?, What are you doing in here?”
W : “I’m baking some biscuits. Do you want it?”
M : “Sure, thank you”
W.: “You’re welcome”