Contoh Kalimat Conditional Sentence Berdasarkan Tipenya

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Tidak jauh berbeda dengan bahasa Indonesia, di dalam bahasa Inggris terdapat pula berbagai macam kalimat salah satunya kalimat conditional sentence atau kalimat pengandaian. Kalimat ini berisi tentang hal yang belum terjadi atau terwujud sebab masih berupa pengandaian.

Di dalam bahasa Inggris, kalimat conditional sentence terbagi menjadi beberapa tipe. Berikut beberapa contoh kalimat conditional sentence berdasarkan tipenya.

Conditional Sentence Tipe 0

Tipe ini juga dapat disebut sebagai zero conditional sentences. Tipe 0 digunakan ketika hasil dari kondisi terwujud dengan adanya sebuah kebenaran dan fakta ilmiah.

Pada tipe 0 menggunakan bentuk present tense dengan rumus:

If + simple present, simple present


  • If you pour it with hot water, it becomes die.
  • If I kick that ball, it is thrown away.
  • If you eat chili, you feel hot and spicy.
  • I feel sick if I drink coffee too much.
  • I feel happy if I get a piece of strawberry cake from you.
  • If I skip my lunch, I can hungry dan powerless.
  • If they don’t clean this room, they get trouble from the boss.

Conditional Sentence Tipe 1

Kalimat ini adalah bentuk pengandaian yang digunakan saat hasil atau konsekuensi ada kemungkinan terjadi di masa depan. Hal ini dapat terjadi sebab terdapat kondisi realistik yang masuk akal untuk kemungkinan terjadi.

Bentuk dari conditional sentence tipe 1 yakni menggunakan simple future dengan rumus:

If + simple present, simple future “will”/ imperative


  • If you bring my cloth, I will buy a pizza.
  • If he gets good score for math test, I will lead him my personal computer.
  • If you feel hungry, I will cook a noodle for you.
  • If she wants to stay here, I will prepare the room.
  • If it doesn’t rain, she will go to the supermarket.
  • If I meet him, I will introduce you to him.
  • If you want to drive, I will buy you a coffee.
  • If they want to go to the Jakarta, I will give them a ride.
  • If we don’t come, she will not be angry.
  • If we have free time, we will go to the Bali for vocation.

Conditional Sentence Tipe 2

Kalimat ini digunakan sebagai kalimat pengandaian ketika hasilnya hanya mempunyai harapan untuk terwujud sangat kecil. Dapat dikatakan jika kalimat ini belum tentu terjadi tetapi ada kemungkinan menjadi kenyataan.

Rumus Conditional Sentence Tipe 2 yaitu:

If + simple past/were/would/could/might + bare infinitive


  • If the dinosaurs were exist, I would pet a Triceratops.
  • If my had a bus, I could travel a round this country.
  • If I was her, I would buy a lot of things with black card.
  • If I were you, I might let all my friends come to my house for sleep over.
  • If you had a jet, we could fly a round the world.
  • If I owned a swimming pool, I would let people come and swim freely.
  • If I dated with my idol, I would be very happy.
  • If you had good condition, you would pass the medical cek up.
  • If I didn’t come to my friend’s wedding, I might not meet my ex-boyfriend.
  • If your boy was a nice kid, he would not do that thing.

Conditional Sentence Tipe 3

Conditional sentence tipe 3 adalah sebuah kalimat pengandaian dengan sebuah kondisi tidak mungkin terwujud sama sekali. Artinya kondisi sangat mustahil atau tidak mungkin terjadi kerena merupakan mimpi saja.

Adapun rumus untuk conditional sentence tipe 3 yakni:

If + past perfect, would/could/might + have + past participle


  • If I had eaten my lunch, I would not have felt hungry.
  • If you had arrived earlier, you would not have missed the train.
  • If I had had a lot of money, I would have built big mansion near the beach.
  • My sister would have not been disappointed if her boyfrined had leave with no word.
  • If I had waited for you little bit longer, I would have been able to see your baby.
  • If she had known about that news, she would have told everyone in this room.
  • You would not have gotten wet if you had stayed little bit longer.
  • He would have not lost his money if he had decided to save it in bank.
  • My brother would have not felt a sleep in the office if he had had enough sleep.
  • The man would have been here if he had gone by car.