Contoh Soal Recount Text dalam Bahasa Inggris dan Pembahasannya

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Recount text adalah teks yang menceritakan kembali peristiwa atau pengalaman di masa lalu selain itu juga menceritakan tentang suatu cerita, tindakan, atau aktivitas. Tujuannya adalah untuk menghibur atau menginformasikan pembaca dan disusun rapih dan menarik bagi pembaca.

Ciri-ciri umum dari recount teks adalah menggunakan bentuk past tense, menggunakan sudut pandang pertama (penulis), menggunakan kata penghubung seperti when, then, after, before, first, at the same time, as soon as she left, late on Friday, On Saturday. Struktur umum paragraf recount teks adalah Orientation (latar belakang cerita), Events (kejadian peristiwa), Reorientation (pendapat pribadi penulis diakhir mengenai peristiwa).

Berikut beberapa contoh soal dari recount text beserta pembahasannya.

The following test is for question 1 to 4.

In one holiday, Radit and his family visited his Grandmother in Bandung. It was his first experience of traveling by train, but he enjoyed it. He arrived at the railway station at 4 p.m. His grandmother’s house was not far from the railways station, so his family decided to go there by horse cart.

Along the way, Radit looked to the right and left of the road in the city of Bandung. Radit has been to Bandung several times with his family every holiday, so the path he is currently taking is familiar to him. In Bandung, what Radit misses the most is the rural atmosphere and the cool air.

Don’t forget the typical food of Bandung, namely nasi tutug oncom which is rice that is pounded and mixed with oncom, added with side dishes according to your taste. Actually, there are many typical foods from Bandung such as seblak, nasi timbel, mie kocok and also surabi. Radit is sure that his grandmother will prepare Nasi Tutug Oncom to welcome him.

1. What is the text about?

A. A horse cart rider’s hard work.
B. Radit’s experience on a train.
C. Radit’s Holiday to his grandmother’s house.
D. The life story of a horse cart rider.

  • Pembahasan: Pada awal kalimat terdapat kalimat “In one holiday, Radit and his family visited his Grandmother in Bandung” yang artinya Radit liburan ke rumah neneknya.

2. Is this Radit’s first experience going to Bandung?

A. No, but in twice.
B. No, is not.
C. Yes, he is.
D. Grandmother house.

  • Pembahasan: Radit sudah beberapa kali pergi ke bandung bersama keluarga nya. “Radit has been to Bandung several times with his family every holiday”.

3. What is Radit’s favorite food from Bandung?

A. Seblak
B. Surabi
C. Mie kocok
D. Nasi tutug oncom

  • Pembahasan: Makanan favorit Radit adalah nasi tutug oncom (kalimat 8).

“Radit has been to Bandung several times.
4. What is the closest meaning of the bolded phrase?

A. Often
B. Someday
C. Rarely
D. for the first time

  • Pembahasan: Frasa several times bermakna beberapa kali, Radit sudah pergi ke bandung beberapa kali bersama keluarganya itu artinya Radit sudah cukup sering pergi ke Bandung.

5. What is Nasi tutug oncom?

A. Nasi tutug oncom Rice that is pounded and mixed with oncom, added with side dishes
B. Stir-fry crackers with chicken feet
C. fried oncom
D. Spicy anchovy filled rice

  • Pembahasan: kalimat penjelas nya ada pada kalimat ke 7

The following test is for question 6 to 10

I remembered, last year my sister graduated from UIN university in Banten, my sister wanted all family members to attend her graduation day. The graduation day was Saturday, at that time my little sister and I were undecided whether to attend or not, because we were undergoing the final semester exams at our campus. And in the end we were still present but after the first hour we finished and we will follow the next hour after the graduation ceremony is over because the place was not far from my sister’s and my campus.
Unfortunately, me and my little sister went separate with our parent and big sister because our exam, that day at 10 am I departed from campus in heavy rain, I took public transportation. I’m sad because I’m already dressed neatly and also beautiful but, my situation is quite messy due to the heavy rain. My make up was slightly faded in the rain, my shoes and dress were dirty from puddles on the dirty road. But I’m grateful that we can still have a good photo session together, I saw the photos and we don’t look bad at all.

6. Why did the writer felt sad?

A. Because the writer can’t attend the graduation
B. Because the writer can’t do her exam
C. Because heavy rain was destroy her appearence
D. Because the writer can’t take a photo with her sister

  • Pembahasan: Penulis merasa sedih karena gaun, sepatu dan juga make up nya berantakan disebabkan hujan yang deras. Ada pada kalimat ke 7. “My make up was slightly faded in the rain, my shoes and dress were dirty from puddles on the dirty road

7. What day does the writer’s sister graduate?

A. Monday
B. Saturday
C. Thursday
D. Wednesday

  • Pembahasan : Acara kelulusan kakak penulis adalah hari sabtu, “The graduation day was Saturday”

8. From the text we can conclude that …..

A. The writer takes the exam.
B. The writer made chocolate
C. The writer’s family attende the graduation
D. The weather is good at the day

  • Pembahasan: Kesimpulan dari teks di atas adalah bahwa penulis dan seluruh anggota keluarga menghadiri kelulusan. Meskipun hari itu sedang hujan.

9. Why the writer went separate went to the graduation with her parent?

A. Because the writer have to take the exam
B. Because the car was full
C. There is no transportasion
D. Because the writer is slow and they are left her.

  • Pembahasan: Alasan mengapa penulis pergi secara terpisah dengan orang tuanya adalah karena ia dan adiknya harus mengikuti ujian terlebih dahulu.

The following test is for question 10 to 13.

This is a story I will never forget. In the past, when I was a 10th grade high school student. Once after school, my two friends, Nusaibah and Chadijah, wanted to do the Ashr prayer at the mosque not far from our school. The atmosphere of the prayer room is quiet because there are only a few people, at that time you decide to pray upstairs. they both had ablution first. I also take ablution when it is time for prayer. And I was alone in the ablution place. At that time I wanted to fart, I exhaled without hesitation because I didn’t think anyone was there. I enjoyed it because my fart was very loud. And when I wanted to turn to put my watch, I was surprised to find that behind me there was a man standing behind me with an expression that I could hardly read. I was really embarrassed and immediately got out of the ablution place to go upstairs, hoping the men weren’t there when I farted earlier.

10. What is the text about?

A. The writer’s embarrassing experience.
B. The writer’s fond memories in grade 10.
C. Embarrassing experience writer friend.
D. Graduation story of the writer and his friends.

  • Pembahasan: Teks di atas menceritakan pengalaman memalukan penulis pada saat kelas 10 SMA, yaitu buang angin sembarangan.

11. Who has heard the witer’s farts?

A. Chadijah
B. Nusaibah
C. The man
D. Herself

  • Pembahasan: Seseorang yang sudah mendengar kentut penulis adalah seorang lelaki. “there was a man

12. What did the writer want to do before that?
A. Played
B. Go to home
C. Asr prayer
D. Ablutions

  • Pembahasan: Sebelum kejadian tersebut, penulis bersiap-siap hendak mengambil air wudhu (Ablutions) di tempat wudhu.

“I exhaled…
13. What is the closest meaning of the bolded word?

A. Take away
B. Blow
C. Complained
D. Fought against

  • Pembahasan: Karena arti dari exhaled yang memiliki arti menghembuskan, dan blow memiliki arti yang sama.

The following test is for question 14 to 17.

At the first break, Karina went to the school library. As usual, she walked towards she teen novel section, her favourite one. She took an interesting teen novel from the shelf, then sat at the corner. The book was about a girl who has big dream, that is a a director and the girl trying to make her dream come true.
Karina way very sleepy. She didn’t realise that she fell asleep while reading. On her dream, she was the director of famous film and she had create many movie. when he was directing his film crew, they were hit by a very strong wind that blew things away. Karina was about to run to save herself but she was carried away by strong winds and shouted for help but the people around her were silent. She woke up and shout loudly. She was looking around and people look at her with strange eyes. Karina was confused, but she finally realised what had happened. She dreamt about the story in the book she read.

14. Why is the text written?

A. To relate Karina’s experience
B. To amuse readers by telling a story
C. To describe Karina’s activity during the break
D. To tell readers the story of a director.

  • Pembahasan: Tujuan dari teks di atas adalah untuk menghibur pembaca dengan cerita Karina yang tertidur ketika membaca novel.

15. In Karina’s dream, the wind …. her.

A. pulled
B. pushed
C. hit
D. carried away

  • Pembahasan: Angin kencang didalam mimpinya membawa ia terbang tinggi “she was carried away by strong winds

16. What kind of books does Karina like to read?

A. Teen Novel
B. Biography books
C. Science books
D. Engineering books

  • Pembahasan: Buku yang Karina suka baca adalah novel remaja. teen novel section, her favourite

17. What did Karina probably feel when her schoolmates look at her?

A. Bored
B. Upset
C. Jealous
D. Embarrassed

  • Pembahasan: Karina merasa malu karena teman-teman nya melihat nya dengan aneh.

The following test is for question 18 to 21.

On Monday morning Dino woke up late. Dino wakes up at 06:15 am. Before leaving for school, his mother reminded him of having breakfast, but he refused. He was afraid of being late. Dino arrived at school only one minute before the bell rang. All students walked towards the school yard. They would have a flag hoisting ceremony.
It was very hot and the sun shone very brightly. During the ceremony, Dino felt dizzy and his eyes were blurred. He tried to stand up still, but he could not hold on. He trembled and fainted. He didn’t know what happened next . When he opened her eyes, he was in the medical room with his class teacher and Vernon, his best friend. Vernon gave him a glass of hot tea and a piece of bread.

18. What is the main idea of paragraph one?

A. Dino woke up late.
B. Dino skipped breakfast.
C. Dino was afraid of arriving late at school.
D. Dino’s mother reminded him of having breakfast.

  • Pembahasan: Ide pokok paragraf pertama adalah mengenai Dino yang melewatkan sarapan nya.

19. Where did Dino tremble and faint?

A. At home
B. In his classroom
C. At the school yard
D. In the medical room

  • Pembahasan: Dino pingsan ketika upacara bendera sedang berlangsung.

20. What would happen if Dino had breakfast?

A. His mother would be angry with him
B. He could attend the ceremony well
C. He would arrive at school early
D. He missed the hoisting flag ceremony

  • Pembahasan: Seandainya Dino memakan sarapannya maka ia tidak akan pingsan dan tidak jatuh pingsan.

21. From the text we know that …

A. Nobody cared about Dino
B. Dino arrived late at school
C. Dino felt unwell during the ceremony
D. Vernon stood up next to Dino during the ceremony

  • Pembahasan:During the ceremony, Dino felt dizzy and his eyes were blurred” Selama upacara Dino sudah merasa pusing. Itu artinya ia sudadh merasa tidak baik selama uapacara.

The following test is for question 18 to 21.

The year 2020 was a very tough year for everyone in the world. The Covid-19 virus has spread to all corners, including my home area. Every city in all country has lockdown. There are not a lot store that open, also mall. Lots of victims fell. One of them is myself.
At that time I was shocked and really sad because I was exposed to the covid virus. At that time I couldn’t smell the scent, and had a bad cold and a high fever. I was quarantined. It was a really hard time because I had to be separated from my family for 3 months. While in quarantine I really miss my family. I couldn’t stop crying that time. My mother told me to stop being sad if I wanted to get well soon, because mental health affects healing.

22. The text mainly tells us about….

A. Author affected by Covid.
B. Covid-19 medicine
C. Spread of Covid-19
D. New year 2020

  • Pembahasan: Teks di atas menceritakan kepada kita bahwa penulis terkena covid-19.

23. At 2020 years everyone was felt ….

A. Happy
B. Satisfied
C. Hard
D. Fear

  • Pembahasan: Pada tahun 2020, semua orang merasa sulit disebabkan oleh Covid-19.

24. From the text it can be concluded that ….

A. Covid has spread all over the world
B. Writer recovers from covid
C. Everyone is happy
D. Writer in Quarantine at her home

  • Pembahasan : Virus Covid-19 sudah menyebar di seluruh dunia.

25. How long has the author been in quarantine?

A. 2 monts
B. 4 weeks
C. 3 months
D. 1 week

  • Pembahasan: Penulis dikarantina selama 3 bulan.

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