20 Contoh Soal Short Functional Text

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Short functional text adalah teks singkat yang memberikan informasi secara spesifik. Biasanya short functional text banyak digunakan dalam komunikasi sehari-hari.

Materi Short functional text dipelajari di sekolah menengah pertama (SMP). Pada ujian noasional soal-soal short functional umum ada di awal-awal soal.

Beberapa teks yang termasuk kedalam jenis ini adalah notice, short message, letter, greeting card, announcement, dan advertisement. Berikut kumpulan soal short functional teks yang diambil dari Ujian Nasional tahun sebelumnya beserta pembahasannya. 

The following text is for question number 1 and 2

Dear Addin,

Do you have any plan for next holiday? Cici and I are going to spend our weekend at Shirley’s house and Pamungkas will drive us. If you want to join us, let us know soon. Remember, last weekend you didn’t come together with us!


1. Why did Joko Invite Addin to join them? Because …
a. Joko and Addin are best friend
b. Addin doesn’t have any plans for weekend
c. Addin didn’t join with them last weekend
d. Pamungkas will not drive them to the Shirley’s house

  • Pembahasan: Dalam surat yang ditulis Joko di akhir kalimat jelas bahwa Addin tidak ikut berkumpul bersama mereka di akhir pekan lalu.

2. From the message we know that …
a. Joko doesn’t want to spend his weekend at the Shirley’s house
b. Pamungkas will not drive them 
c. Cici doesn’t join with them 
d. They are all friends.

  • Pembahasan: mereka semua menghabiskan akhir pekan di rumah shirley dan berkumpul bersama, itu artinya mereka semua adalah teman.

The following text is for question number3 and 4

Dear Surya,
On behalf of all the Journals members we sincerely congratulate you on your win at the Youth Best Journalist 2019. We hope this will support you to write more articles.
Coach of Journalistic extracuriculer.

3. What does Ikrimah do? She is a … Journalistic extracuriculer.
a. Staff
b. Journalist
c. member
d. coach 

  • Pembahasan: Lihatlah salam penutup pada pesan tersebut, cukup jelas bahwa Ikrimah adalah seorang pelatih.

4. “… this will support you to write more articles”
The block word closest in meaning with …
a. Make
b. Disturb
c. Suggest
d. Motivated

  • Pembahasan: Kata support bermakna memotivasi karena merujuk pada ucapan selamat kepada Surya yang memenangkan Youth Journalist terbaik tahun 2019. Ikrimah berharap penghargaan ini menjadi motivasi Surya untuk terus menulis artikel.

The following text is for question number 5 and 6

Mother’s love for all time
For the great women of this world
The miracle’s house invite you
Tuesday, December  22, 2020
AT 8:00AM for mother’s day anniversary
The Community of Love
At our general leader’s house Christy Sari,
Panorama Kompleks, No.57 East Jakarta

5. What does The Community of Love do?
a. To build miracle’s house
b. Give love to mothers
c.  To inform about Christy’s house 
d. Invite women to a mother’s day anniversary

  • Pembahasan: Undangan ini bertujuan untuk memperingaati hari ibu, sehingga komunitas cinta mengundang para wanita untuk memperingatinya. 

6. The text we can say that …
a. Christy is the best mother 
b. Every women has own miracle 
c. The community of love is community for children
d. Christy Sari is leader of the community.

  • Pembahasan: Pada undangan tersebut di katakan bahwa acara di lakasanakan di rumah Christy Sari selaku ketua umum komunitas tersebut.

The following text is for question number 7


7. Where do we usually find the text?
a. At home
b. At hospital
c.  At school
d. At the swimming pool

  • Pembahasan: Pengunjung diminta menggunakan hand sanitizer dan memakai masker serta menjaga jarak sebelum masuk ke ruangan dokter. Ruang dokter ada di rumah sakit.

The following text is for question number 8


8. What does the text mean ?
a. We can slam the box
b. No need to be careful  with the box
c. There is no fragile in the box
d. We have to handle it with carefully

  • Pembahasan: makna dari pesan tersebut adalah kita harus menanganinya dengan hati-hati karena terdapat barang pecah belah di dalam box.

The following text is for question number 9



9. Where we found this warning ?
a. On the oven
b. On the washing machine
c. On the iron 
d. On the stove

  • Pembahasan: kata kunci nya adalah kata ‘Baking’, kita biasa menemukan nya pada pemanggang atau oven.

The following text is for question number 10 dan 11

Dear Honey

My dear Lisa, I’m going to your uncle’s house. Don’t drink the blue bottle in the fridge that’s my drink. Eat pasta in the oven as soon as you read this memo with your friend Vera. I love you.


10. From the short message we know that Lisa forbidden to … 
a. Go to her uncle’s house
b. Eat pasta
c. Write a memo
d. Drink blue bottle

  • Pembahasan: Lisa dilarang untuk minum botol biru yang ada di dalam kulkas.

11. Whose blue bottle is it?
a. Lisa’s uncle
b. Vera
c. Lisa’s mother
d. Lisa’s father

  • Pembahasan: Lisa dilarang minum botol biru yang ada di kulkas karena itu adalah punya ibu nya. 

The following text is for question number 12

To all Caratland private students, starting from the 10th to 13th the private will be off due to national holidays.

Thank you for your understanding.

12. How many days is Caratland private day off?
a. 5 days
b. 3 days
c. 4 days
d. There is no day off

  • Pembahasan: Caratland private libur dari tanggal 10 sampai 13, yaitu 4 hari libur.

The following text is for question number 13 and 14

Student Organization of Senior High School Cubic School

To : All 12th grade class leaders

Please attend the monthly meeting . It will be held :

Date : Friday, July 12, 2020

Time : 13:00 p.m

Place: Meeting on zoom Apps

We will discuss about our year-end photo in the middle of this corona virus pandemic. Please join on the meeting on Zoom. Our Chairman of the Student Council will share the Zoom’s link.

Osis Chairman & Ex Osis Chairman

13. For whom the invitation is addressed? …
a. About year-end photo
b. About zoom
c. About OSIS
d. Meeting monthly

  • Pembahasan: Ketua osis dan mantan ketua osis mengadakan diskusi mengenai photo angkatan kelas 12 melalui aplikasi Zoom.

14. For whom the invitation is addressed?? …
a. Osis member
b. Teacher
c. Ex Osis chairman
d. All 12th grade class leaders

  • Pembahasan: Pengumuman ini di tujukan untuk seluruh ketua kelas 12.

The following text is for question number 15 and 16

Lets change your dedorant now!!!
Alum powder kills bacteria in the underarms and eliminates body odor.
Does not make yellow and white stains on your clothes. Alum powder is on promotion buy one Rp. 3,500 buy 4 only Rp. 10,500.
Order in Girls store now !!!

Business number: (admin) 0812345678

15. What is the price if you buy 2 alum powders?
a.Rp. 6,500

b.Rp. 7,500

c.Rp. 7,000

d Rp. 8,000

  • Pembahasan: Harga promo satuan alum powder adalah 3500, maka kalau kita membeli 2 alum powder total nya adalah 7000 rupiah.

16. What are the advantages of this product?
a. Does not cause yellow and white stains on clothes
b. Doesn’t kill bacteria
c. An affordable price
d. Easy to buy

  • Pembahasan: salah satu keuntungan dari produk alum powder adalah tidak membuat ketiak baju menjadi bernoda putih ataupun kuning.

The following text is for question number 17 and 18

Omona Bright Stuff Mosturaizer


Use Omona bright stuff every day to moisturize and get bright effect on your face. Use before make up. 


Make sure your face is clean before using this Omona bright stuff. Apply Omona bright stuff to your face evenly and gently. Avoid exposure to direct sunlight.  

17. When do we use Omona bright stuff?
a. After use make
b. Use every day
c. After being exposed to the sun
d. After buy it

  • Pembahasan: Pada label produk dikatakan bahwa menggunakan Omona bright stuff moist setiap hari.

18. Why we have to use Omona bright stuff
a. To giving whitening effect
b. As vit C
c. To moisturize and get bright effect
d. Get rid of acne

  • Pembahasan : fungi dari Omona bright stuff adalah untuk melembabkan wajah dan memberikan efek cerah.

The following text is for question number 19 and 20

Dear Wonwoo

Now that it has entered 2021, many things happened in 2020, it feels like time is running so fast, so is your age getting older. The beginning of the year begins with your precious birth. Happy birthday to my best friend Wonwoo. I hope you are always happy and always healthy. Eat good food and enjoy your life and work. Enjoy your 25y.o’s life Bro. Congrats you had been figure out this card. Happy Birthday!!!


19. How old is Wonwoo in 2021?




d. 25

  • Pembahasan: Pada kartu ucapan ulang tahun Jun mengatakan pada Wonwoo untuk menikmati hidup di usia 25 tahun nya.

20.  Who is Jun?
a.  Wonwoo’s brother
b.  Wonwoo’s cousin
c.  Wonwoo’s Friend
d.  Wonwoo’s Father

  • Pembahasan: Jun mengucapkan selamat ulang tahun kepada Wonwoo karena dia adalah teman nya.